Olivia Perez, Graphic Designer & 2D Illustrator


capstone project: COVID-19 Carepackage; poster gif series

these poster gifs are meant to be educational & easy to access. they cover the three possible stages of covid treatment, such as preventing, treating, & vaccinating.

about the capstone
2020 has been a year defined by the pandemic which has impacted our lives in unspeakably frightful and demoralizing ways. And never have we seen information so mismanaged an so wrongfully distributed—including mixed messages about the virus not being real to the vaccine causing more harm than protection. But we have also seen people holding stronger to their communities and relationship as a way to manage the virus and our mental health while we endure it. COVID-19 Carepackage consists of educational materials for different age groups to help people learn the real facts about the virus while suggesting ways of caring—for ourselves and each other. It consists of a children's book, informational digital posters, and a set of postcards meant to offer a sense of hope and share our resilience.

olivia perez // 2020